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Aluma Vent Aluminum Door Canopies

Aluma Vent Aluminum Door Canopies
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Product Description
Aluma Vent Aluminum Door CanopiesAluma Vent Aluminum Door Canopies styled with both a staggered (regular) edge as well as a level (valance) edge. These handsome aluminum door canopies are designed to handle snow loads which make them a great choice for northern climates. The door canopies are available in widths from 35 inches out to 95 inches as well as in several heights those being typically the smaller size heights as the larger heights are more appropriate for window awnings. Please note that these awnings can function as door canopies or window awnings.

Another great feature pertaining to aluminum awnings is the fact that they take very little care and last a very long time. A little soapy water is all that's required to keep them looking like new. Over time they are one of the least expensive forms of awnings when you add in their consistent good looks and lack of deterioration.

These aluminum door canopies are designed to be "no rust" having their beautiful colors applied with baked on enamel. Whether you choose fabric or aluminum you will still receive all the great benefits which are derived from quality awnings such as their cooling effect and sun protection as well as home enhancement.

Please note that the Regular End style needs 3-1/2 inches on each side for the flared louvers. For sizes other than what are available in the listing please e-mail your dimensions to AwningCenter for a custom quote.
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