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Aluma Vent Aluminum Porch and Patio Awning Covers - 60 in to 200 in Wide

Aluma Vent Aluminum Porch and Patio Awning Covers - 60 in to 200 in Wide
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Product Description
Aluma Vent Aluminum Porch and Patio Awning Covers - 60 in to 200 in Wide Aluminum Porch Covers - Canopies

If you are looking for a more stationary solution to a retractable awning, one that can handle snow loads or high winds you need not look any further as these high strength, structural porch covers may be just the perfect item to provide additional shade and sun protection for your front porch, patio or outdoor deck area. Additional benefits to be derived from these beautiful porch covers would be the energy savings, approximately 25% from keeping the hot sun out of your house particularly if it faces south. You will also keep your furniture in a lot better shape as well preventing it from fading due to the harmful U.V. rays caused by the sun, plus who can calculate the added value this decorative outdoor accent will add to your homes overall value.

You will find these structural aluminum porch covers available in twelve different colors in both a glossy and matte finish with the underside always being a glossy white. You can also add a combination of stripes if so desired for a more decorative touch. Please note for these large size porch covers you will need wall braces and the heavy walled extruded aluminum support columns which provide load bearing strength. Those requirements for additional bracing are as follows;

  • Width's greater than 96" require two wall braces plus one every additional 8-ft of width
  • 50" projections or more and widths less than 96", 2 posts are required
  • 50" projections or and widths greater than 96", posts and wall braces are required for every 8-ft of width
Some other points to keep in mind when ordering these large size porch covers;
  • Specify your porch cover dimension to the inch -- 5 inch dimensions are best due to the panel size and small end panels are created in widths ending in 1 inch or 6 inches. When ordering go to the next pricing bracket if your widths exceed the posted numbers. For example a 50" width would be priced as a 55" width.
  • These regular edge style porch covers have the flared louvers on each end which need 3 1/2 inches on each side of the porch cover
  • Additional information regarding your order such as a desired width can be placed in the comments section at order checkout or by e-mailing specifics to

Custom sizing quotes can be obtained by e-mailing specifics dimensions to
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