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Kookaburra Triangular Shade Sails Premium Series

Kookaburra Triangular Shade Sails Premium Series
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Options - Hardware Kit - Pad-Eyes, Snap Rings & Turnbuckles
Options - Pole Kit for Shade Sail - 1 Pole
Product Description
Kookaburra Triangular Shade Sails Premium Series In the market today you'll find that most shade sails are made of knitted fabric, this is particularly true of the Coolaroo shade sails. Due to their knitted design there are small holes in the shade sail fabric allowing a certain amount of hot air to escape. On the flip side this also makes them less moisture resistant as water can seep through those small holes in the fabric. In extreme heat situations the knitted fabric can be an important benefit, however there is a sun protection trade off to that type of design.

The knitted fabrics let in harmful UV rays which also come through the holes in the knitted fabric. Because of the holes, knitted shade sails rarely give you more than 90% UV protection. Although 90% sounds quite impressive, it means that 10% of the dangerous light is allowed to get through. If you or your child sits under a knitted sail shade for 10 hours, it would be the same as sitting under the direct sun, completely unprotected, for a whole hour. Doesn't sound like much but one hour of direct sun in certain climates can be extremely harmful.

This is not a problem with the Kookaburra shade sails as all the Kookaburra sail shades are woven and not knitted. This means they have the maximum possible UV protection from an outdoor fabric. It also means they are waterproof - particularly ideal for any rainy climate area. You can also gain peace of mind knowing that all Kookaburra shade sails are independently tested to UPF50+, more than 98% - the maximum UV protection. Kookaburra Shade Sail

Product specification:

- Waterproof
- Blocks over 98% of harmful rays
- Available in 9 different colors
- High density polyester - UV stabilized
- Easy to clean - just soap & water

Available in either square, triangular, right angle triangular and rectangular shapes. These can be used alone or in combination to shade the required area. Fix to walls, trees, fences, posts with our easy attachment accessories, or purchase one or more of the shade sail poles
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