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Portable Canopies, Tents & Shelters

Portable Canopies, Tents & SheltersPortable tents, canopies and shelters for storage of motor vehicles, gardening equipment, boats, RV's and just about anything you have a need to protect from the elements. These portable canopies come sized in a variety of lengths and widths and are built super tough to protect your equipment as well as stand up to the elements.

These heavy-duty portable shelters are made from industrial grade fabrics and incorporate features such as corner bracing, fabric skylights and woven steel cable roof truss systems. Nearly all portable tents and canopies incorporate steel rather then aluminum legs for greater support and and utilize eight 2" legs rather then four or six 1 1/2" legs for added strength and stability.

Whatever you requirements may be for a portable canopy or shelter you'll find a great selection of real quality products in a number of sizes to suit most any requirement from a temporary garage shelter to a backyard portable storage tent.

Please note that these products can only be shipped within the continental U,S,