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Aluminum Patio, Porch or Car Port Cover - Southern States Model

Aluminum Patio, Porch or Car Port Cover - Southern States Model
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Product Description
Aluminum Patio, Porch or Car Port Cover - Southern States ModelPlease note that this item is designed for the Southern U.S. Please see insert for the correct geographic model for your area of the country.

Here is an all aluminum rust free structure that can be used as a porch cover or car port either attached to the home or as a free-standing structure. This quality porch cover is built from heavy duty anodized aluminum and is available in two panel colors, five post colors and nine fascia colors allowing you to match these porch covers /car ports to most any homes decor. All components of the porch cover are covered in a hard coat baked enamel paint finish to ensure their good looks for a long time. They provide a handsome shelter from the weather, help to reduce those summer time cooling bills and make for a beautiful and functional accent to your home’s exterior providing additional outdoor living space.

The porch cover/ car port incorporates a two piece mounting rail with an interlocking hinge so that the porch cover is set to slope away from the building to ensure proper drainage as well as minimize any frost upheaval and vibration from high winds. The heavy-duty mounting rail only requires one and one-half inches of mounting space allowing this structure to fit into some pretty tight spaces. A four inch structural Galvalume (aluminum - zinc alloy coated) steel beam provides a minimum six inches of set back for the support posts from the front edge of the porch cover. This set back creates an overhang for the roof and posts providing for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This set back can also be increased up to twenty-four inches when necessary. The six and one-half inch aluminum front fascia has a large built in gutter and is attached to the roof pans with a unique hanging clip. This hanging clip allows the fascia to float freely on the pans compensating for expansion and contraction from extreme heat and freeze cycles. The unique hanging clip also allows for easy removal of the front guttered fascia in the event cleaning is necessary.

An industry standard ten inch wide structural V-shaped aluminum roof panel is available in four thicknesses and is especially designed to meet wind and snow load requirements even in particularly harsh environments. When ordering these structures you will want to take note of the geographical area you are located in as the structures are priced according to these geographical locales and the further north you go the thicker the structure becomes. One other additional feature is that you have a choice of either decorative aluminum posts or three inch square posts which are made from heavy-walled aluminum extrusions to provide both load bearing strength as well as resistance to dings and dents. Optional features include: heavy duty surface mount post brackets for freestanding units, downspout assemblies, bird proofing kits, gutter filters, beam covers and an 8” flush roof pan that eliminates the need for bird proofing and creates a more refined ceiling appearance. All porch covers / car ports are ready to be shipped with complete assembly instructions typically within 7-15 days from the date your order is received.
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