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Instant - Pop-Up Canopies

Instant - Pop-Up CanopiesInstant canopies also known as pop-up canopies make a for a great way to set up a booth at a fair, provide shade for an outdoor affair and even provide a good deal of shelter for your car or boat. These instant canopies are a breeze to set-up which is why they are often called pop-up canopies. Aside from the fact that they are simple to use, very versatile and extremely functional you should also note that they are built to last.

Out in the market there are a lot of choices for instant canopies and where they differ in price typically comes into play the quality of construction and materials used. Heavier size poles, reinforced frames, thicker coverings, Teflon threads and quality craftsmanship all add up to an instant canopy that will take you through a lot more than a single season if use.

Please note that these products can only be shipped within the continental U,S,